Inspection Geni Boosts Production levels at Leeboy-India


Inspection Geni purchased by Bangalore-based earthmoving construction vehicle manufacturer


Hertzlia, Israel February 13, 2012 — Leeboy-India has confirmed the purchase of the SolidWorks add-on, Inspection Geni 3.1, for use within its design and QA departments.

Poised to introduce new products and solutions to the Indian market, Leeboy-India found itself having to evaluate CAD solutions for its product design department in preparation for production.

Having positioned itself as a major player in the growing Indian manufacturing / CAD-CAM software market, Inspection Geni is beginning to reap the benefits of this solution with customers such as Leeboy-India and others, lining up to adopt its technology

According to Girish G, Sr. Eng-Product Engineering at Leeboy-India, the company had reached a point where production delivery needed to overcome a bottleneck. “We urgently had to improve communication with other vendors and suppliers that would ultimately help them to help us to expedite our manufacturing and inspection process.”

Girish explains, “A typical project would see many discussions regarding the dimensions of hundreds of manufacturing drawings that were passed between Leeboy and other vendors. Obviously this began to create a lot of problems and delays in our assembly line and even when it came to deliver product to market.”


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