Balloon-IT Product Description

Balloon-IT, the shareware version of Inspection Geni

We developed the inspection Geni Balloon-IT shareware tool as a contribution to the SolidWorks Community.
This tool will help you load a drawing and automatically Balloon-IT. Inspection Geni will balloon all dimensions of a given drawing with one click, producing a copy of a SolidWorks drawing with balloons included.

The ballooned drawing will allow you to follow the design of a part throughout the production process - from Engineering to Production, from Programming to the Inspection Department.

Think about life without Balloons

Interdepartmental communication is not always possible in a large manufacturing firm and time is often wasted simply trying to understand the needs of everyone in the production chain. With Balloon-IT, engineers will be able to get the identical inspection report from different producers based on the ballooned drawing provided by the designer.

Inspection Geni has more functionality!

  • Generate the inspection sheets in different formats.
  • Split complex dimensions like “Holecallout” and “Chamfers” into inspection dimensions.
  • Fast control over global tolerance.
  • Revision control illustrates the changes between previous and the current versions.
  • Inspection Geni gives you the power to select only the inspection dimension.
  • Store all measured dimensions in a database.
  • Access a comprehensive database and do away with your dusty paper storage.
  • Balloon-IT improves interdepartmental communication and reduces errors.

Read more about the enhanced version. If you like Balloon-IT and you you want to upgrade to the next level of saving; winning and enhanced communications, you can try-it for 4 weeks free of charge or purchase-it at a winning price.

Balloon-IT Demo

Inspection Geni Demo