• Inspection Geni enables designers and engineers to expedite business processes, automate approval processes, slash costs and enable paperless documentations for storage and retrieval - taking SolidWorks® software to a new dimension. Inspection Geni allows manufacturers to close the gap in going fully paperless by completely eliminating the need to print documents for inspection using its fast, low-cost and fully digital system.

    This Evaluation version will never expire!

    Download Inspection Geni for evaluation now!
    This version of Inspection Geni is 100% functional, supporting up to 15 dimensions. Try it on your small drawings – there is no time limitation.

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    Inspection Geni Highlights

    • Seamless Window Integrated Add-in for SolidWorks.®

      Track Changes reports in Excel-format for use with PDM systems.

      Balloon Drawings are automatically generated.

      Excel and word templates for Inspection Sheet.

      Inspection Geni is extremely easy-to-use and simple to learn.

    • Dimension-Driven Design Change Tracking and Save to History Database.

      Inspection Sheet is automatically generated.

      Creating a Common Language with Inspection Geni.

      PDF templates for Inspection Sheet and balloon drawings.

      Speedup ROI with Inspection Geni.

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    Inspection Geni is a Certified Gold Product of SolidWorks.